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Chris made sure I left our call with something I can immediately apply by helping me reframe a few things I’ve been insecure about and immediately relieve a lot of self-inflicted pressure. I recommend Chris’s guidance for any man looking to improve himself. Ryan W, USA

Get the girl! 

I am shocked how I’ve become so attractive to women after having a clear purpose in life, supporting myself financially and following my passion 🙂Thanks for the help in January with the breakup. I dodged the biggest bullet in my life! – Paul W.

This guy’s a genius. Had I known about Wally 2 years ago, I would have turned my life around sooner. He also helped me make sure my balls didn’t make their way into my girlfriend’s purse. Thank you Chris for a lifetime of advice in one month’s counselling. – Derek, Kingston, ON

 Substance Use

I’m not sure what you said to my daughter in the one hour you spent with her, but to hear her tell me later “Dad, I’m so done with that whole pot thing” was amazing. As a father, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your help. It’s been a couple of months since you spoke to her and she just passed a drug test she needed to get her first job. Thanks for everything.  B.W. Atlanta, GA

I learned that I had been holding myself back by seeking to fill urges that I could take care of by healthier means. I was riding the pink cloud of sobriety and if it weren’t for Chris putting things into perspective, I would have fallen from it and straight into the Earth. Where it would have been harder to recover from.   Jeremy W, Massachussetts


Our sincerest thanks for joining us last night and for speaking. Your message was very impactful, and brought many to tears hearing the story of Howie’s brave journey. He certainly is a little cutie pie, and oh my goodness those beautiful eyes! Taking our donors into your life and hearing what it has been like for you as a family is key to understanding what our work is all about. Thank you for expressing that so well. It was a very successful night for us, and I believe the impact of your story had a lot to do with it. Perhaps letting the Superhero out in all of us helped a little as well. 🙂   – Jane Sleep, Executive Director, Jennifer-Ashleigh Children’s Charities.


Chris, was amazing for me. I would not have had as many successes in marketing if it were not for his insight! Matt House, Calgary, AB

If I could have one boss my whole life, I’d pick Wally.  Kiet Ngyuen, Oshawa, ON

Thanks my friend. You taught me so much and I appreciate you never giving up on my young punk ass and always giving me something to drive for. I sincerely think my sales success comes from your teachings. Jon Dalzell, Harley Davison sales, Boston, Mass.

Honestly Christopher, I really value your contribution to my life. You are a tremendous Coach and a super fit. I already see myself shifting mentally. Very cool, have a wonderful day.  Simone, Ottawa, ON

Working with Chris was always a pleasure. He would change peoples attitudes with a simple and always interesting conversation. He was a real leader and a friend to everyone! Sean Smith, Calgary, AB

 Family dynamics

I was very stuck with my “father issues.” This was so deep in me; I felt like I couldn’t let go. I could recognize that my father was a good man, but I was hung up on how he failed me as a kid. My love was strongly mixed with hatred and resentment.
You asked me about a metaphor. That struck me as a strange question, but I went with it. When I blurted out, “Jack in the Box,” and I immediately said no. That didn’t make any sense. I had no idea where it had come from. It wasn’t a childhood toy that I remember having.
But that’s not the half of it. But you trusted wherever that voice came from and told me to go with it. Well, long story short: I saw the power in the spring of that clown-like thing as the power of my feelings over my father’s negative stuff that would pop up on me. I imagined myself slowly pulling out the spring and releasing all its power. That wasn’t enough: I then saw myself planting something in the box.jackinthebox

I let go with my father. The tension disappeared. I can openly express my love for him. We’ve never gotten along better! He sensed this on some level. (I always dreaded some classic idea of writing him a letter detailing his failings.) He just sensed it. He and my mother, in their 70’s, decided to pack up and leave their home and the area where they had lived for the last 50+ years of their lives together to move to be closer to me and my family. You were able to help me with a break through that had eluded me for years. I will be forever grateful for the work that we did together. Thank you!    Sam G, Cleveland, Ohio



I believe your approach to our sessions (with reference material) gave my relationship building-blocks that ultimately has surpassed my greatest expectations!!!! I appreciated your counselling sessions – and what my gal and I have taken from it all. I would highly recommend the expertise you bring. It’s an absolute minimum requirement for any one looking for understanding (and/or to resolve), whatever the situationAlex P, Edmonton, AB

Chris is very knowledgeable and yet speaks in a down to earth manner without judgement. He doesn’t sugar coat anything. He has your health and happiness in mind while speaking the truth. Nate C, USA



Drinkers’ Riddle (2015)

I read your book yesterday. Didn’t want to put it down. I’ve been a pretty active AA member for almost 15 years. I love your voice. You speak to the reader in a manner that is intelligent and warm and personal, which i think is great, and you never ever talk DOWN to the reader (which is something that pisses me off immediately). I really really liked the book and am looking forward to reading it again so I can understand better what you are saying. Good job!!!!!     G.H., North America

Striped Cat

Christopher Wallace has been blessed with a unique ability to share his own life stories while drawing the reader into their own place of introspection. While reading his recent story, The Striped Cat, I found myself transported back in time to the forest of my youth while at the same time gathering the valuable life insights that Chris so eloquently shared.  John Page Burton, author



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  1. CryptoLover January 5, 2018 5:22 pm

    Without you my books and my webpage wouldn’t have started off. As for relationships you have given me solid advice that has always worked. A+

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