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You have three things to offer the world: Time, talent and effort are the great equalizers.  

– CKWallace –

$225 initial session:

1-2 hours of advisement service.

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Monthly Advisement service:

$650/month (auto-renew x 2) equals $1950

– 3 month minimum, open ended afterwards.

– minimum 3-5 sessions per month

– text support 7 days per week

– emergency call if needed

– covers any/all of below time-permitting

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– Solve the riddle of your addictions. One powerful conversation is sometimes all it takes.

Discounted time blocks for booking upfront in any of these subjects:

– Beating your insomnia: sleep and nutrition training.

– Got a BIG Idea? Need help staying on track as you expand? Smart thinking.

– Gender, a science and experiential approach. How to make your self irresistible by understanding women.

Preparing for marriage/living together. Do it right or risk letting love slip away.

– Why you procrastinate and how to to beat it.

– Public speaking: say your piece without falling to pieces.

– Anxiety and fear: stand up to these bullies once and for all.

– Strengthfinders Profile: Life is short, learn how to play to your strengths. 

– Desires: Understanding your true motivation. (and of those around you).

– Values Elicitation: Learn what really matters to you and uncover belief conflicts.

– Deciphering trauma: why you react the way you do and how to deal with triggers.

Bronze Option: $3695
6 months of advisement support

Silver Option: $6995
12 months of advisement support

Gold Option: $9995
18 months of advisement support.

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One year, The Book of Me: $7495

This is your chance to overhaul your self-concept for life. It’s a complete exploration of your strengths, values, desires, and goals. Learn the skills you need to take charge of your destiny. At the end of this process, you will know yourself in-depth. You will have sorted out inconsistencies. You will have in your hands a “Book of Me.”
– Up to 50 advice sessions of 30-90 minutes.

– Text message support for questions

– Gallup Strengthfinders strengths profile

– Values elicitation

– Desire profile

– Big 5 personality traits

– Disc assessment

– Sleep training (if needed)/Mindfulness training

– Masculine/Feminine

–  Parenting simplified. 

– Goal setting vs problem solving

– Finding purpose

– Everything we think you need to live the life you were intended to live. What’s that worth?


All advisement starts with an initial session

You can book your initial session here

I help boys become men and men become better men.
I help anyone with anything or find them someone who can.