Month: September 2014

Let’s Talk About Time

Let’s talk about time.

Time is our most precious commodity. It marches forward inexorably into the future; until there is no more sand falling from the great hourglass of life.

As if that reality weren’t enough, what makes it worse is the frustrating perception that time actually speeds up as we age. Let me explain:

A year to a kid is an eternity; the time between one Christmas and the next may as well be forever. At school’s end, summer, when considered at its beginning in June, holds out September as far off and a hardly reckoned eventuality.

However, you’ll notice that things just get a bit faster as each passing year becomes a smaller fraction of a whole life.

As we age, we learn to anticipate the future and that makes it appear to arrive sooner. As time passes, we realize that death nears; indeed, this has everything to do with it. After a while, a year is like a season was; what used to feel like months, now pass like weeks; weeks seem to go by like days.

Until, all of a sudden, you are left asking where did the time go? You may then recognize that question as something you have been hearing from others as you grew up.

Imagine now how much faster your life will fly by in two years? How much faster will it feel like in five year’s time? What about a decade from now?

Imagine what’s it like for the elderly? Time speeds by so fast for them that it’s like the spin of the earth threatens to throw them into space. You’ll be lucky now if you realize that every one of them wishes they had set goals earlier; focusing more on living their lives in the fullest possible way.

Let me put it to you this way: you got the gift of life. Somehow, Mother Nature, in her wisdom, made you the sperm that impregnated the egg. You won the race over tens of millions of other possibilities.

Your prize was a life expectancy.

So your time is sacrosanct; an aspect to life that needs the utmost respect. Nor should we feel bored or without something to do. Live your time. Live it fully in the creation of a life.

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