Conditions for advice contracts

Conditions for advice contracts:

1. You want it. You are ready for change. You are looking to derive greater satisfaction from your job, career, relationships and pursuits. You seek a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. If you already have it all figured out, you can coach me. 

2. We will get along.  I’m not saying anything about you but in case you have a bad day, know that I’m not intimidated… in the least. All of us come up short now and again and I’ve been there. You’ll be a good fit the worst off you are. Having lived a pretty faulted a life myself in my younger years, I am incapable of judging you poorly. We are all travellers.  I’ve dealt with corporate presidents, guys out on parole and everyone in between. If you’re a man, I’ll coach you. I will only advise women on a case by case basis.

3. I’m primarily a teacher. I know a bunch of stuff to help you live a better life across every facet of your existence. There is no limit here, I’ll go as far  and as wide as required to to make sure you get what you need. You must be ready to learn, often from the answers you already carry in you. 

4. You don’t mind swearing. My father was a sailor and thought it was good old fashioned Anglo-Saxon expressions of emotion. I happen to agree with him. If this is a problem, please let me know.

5. I need your commitment. I don’t need your money but I’m going to take it so you have skin in the game. I take a very limited number of clients on so if I’m going to take the time to help you discover how you can move forward, I want you in the process for the long haul. I prefer not doing one-off sessions except when business consulting. We rarely learn new skills overnight. We need time to apply lessons, then test, refine and consolidate gains. That said, if you pay my fee I’ll give you my full attention and energy on any issue even if it’s just the one time.

5. I use my unique strengths and experience to facilitate change in the way people see themselves. Self-concept is destiny. I’ve never coached a man who didn’t feel changed for the better by the experience.  

6. I have professional skills. This means little but here goes anyway: I trained with folks who taught the most well-known personal development guy around. I’ve been to college and three universities and graduated top of my class in behavioural sciences. I’ve ran successful teams of people for decades. I rose to Sr. VP in a sales company. I have read 30 books per year for over 30 years. I’m trained in addictions, sexology, martial arts, strengths, families, productivity and more. I’m a parent with a grown son and two young children, a boy and a girl. I have been married. I’ve been shot, stabbed, run over and beat with a ball bat. I’ve had my heart broken. I’ve been cured of a once incurable disease. I have buried friends and family. I’m a hypnotist. More importantly, I’ve lived and tested my knowledge up against life and passed plenty of it on to others.

7. I’m a Wallace. In my large family, I’m the Clan Bard and Poet in Battle. I’m loyal and a guardian to people. My primary question is “how can I help you?” I know plenty of secrets and keep them all.                              

 You remember Braveheart right? We will work on your Freedom.