Pithy Comments & Quotes

On Mothers:

When the universe contemplated your existence, you first appeared descended from starlight as a twinkle in your mother’s eye. She put you forth from her: first in her mind and then in her body. When you were born, you were your mother. She created you out of her own flesh and blood, feeding your being from her own cells. Is there a closer bond in nature? I’m not so sure…   — ckwallace

On creating a life:
Regardless of where you came from, you have three things to offer the world: time, talent and effort. These are the great equalizers.  — ckwallace


On Ego defense:

When you understand the defense mechanism of projection, you operate from a much deeper wisdom.  — ckwallace


On Happiness:

Happiness, like love, is largely a decision. — ckwallace