Stress is usually at the heart of how we become stuck. Often we can’t identify it clearly because it’s hard to see the bigger picture. From its effects on sleep and decision-making, procrastination and anxiety, career challenges, relationships and child-rearing, uncontrolled stress often intrusively means a life less-lived.

Confidence is seen as a bit of a mysterious force: people know when they have it but are less sure about how to go about getting more of it. Besides my background in counselling, I’ve been in sales for decades, roles that are intimately linked with confidence.

I use Gallup’s strengthfinders system to help you discover how your strengths rank in order of importance. In one two-hour discovery session, you can find out your strengths and how to work around your weaknesses. Gallup’s studies show that the happiest people are those who are working primarily in areas that make use of their strengths. Apply hard work to a strength and it becomes a talent. Life is short, play to your strengths.

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